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Keep on trying

Bought a book of blues about the south of france
Reminded me of when you know we used to dance
Like a Spanish gypsy you'd glide across the floor
Move just like smoke and slide under my door
Met a nun on a train back home
Showered me in blessings, anointed me in oils
Left me off with a glass of champagne wine
Raised a toast to heaven and spoke of the divine

Love that you see between man and god
You ain't gotta look oh very hard
When you fly us up to Saturn on a silver star
You're never alone I'm not very far

I wanna keep on trying to show you who I am
Keep on trying I wanna be your man

Back in Boston in the AM dawn
The fog from Belfast carried us along
You know I'm wishing you'll be there when I arrive
Cause you know this airport ain't no place to die

Go on and leave me down on the floor
I ain't no stranger I've been here before
Or pick me up love and take me on home
You'll never be waiting there all alone