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Right Here With Me

I pack my bags, shrug off the rain
Scattered on the interstate, I call out your name
Telephone lines, Getting me down
I been so outta touch I lost my phone there back in town

Mortgage due, pay back my loans
Pay them by the US mail, a thousand miles from home
You should be, so wild and free
Right here with me

I drag myself, right outta bed
Another roach motel, don't touch the bed spread
That's what you say, when you come along
Looking for a laundromat in a town I don't belong

Another dram, a drop of tears
Drag the Colorado up and back for all these years
Where you should be, so wild and free
Rigth here with me

Right here with me, out here on the fringe
So wild and free, just hanging by a thread
Someday I may quit this ramblin' round, but somehow
Right here with me is where I want to have you now

I stretch the ties, the ties that bind
They holding in a double knot, sometimes they get so tight
It's been so long, since I been gone
Blue-eyed soul blowing in the wind a song of home
Oh you should be, so wild and free
Right here with me