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Lady Juliana

The Lady Juliana set sail to test the end of freedom´s chain
A word down from the King there´s uprising in the colonies again
Let´s send them all the vixens, clearly they could use the change
No pardons just a prison ship awaiting
Sydney you´re a savior but I think it´s near the end

Little Mary Wade was just 11 when the soldiers took her down
Right down the steps of Juliana, she prayed she´d some day run aground
She was doing life for stealing a pretty coat she pawned
But now the gulls were screaming and the waves were coming on
Sydney you´re a sister to a child hanging on

226 aboard and there ain´t no turning back
When almost no one knows your name and those who do would course your name black
Fighting to survive them women worked their shakled hands
Some they turned to whoring . King George would understand
Sydney you´re a stranger in a dusty southern land

Waiting on the other side were convicts much the same.
Men of England doing time commissioned by the King
Stick & Starving waiting on their farming to commence
But seeds that they were waiting on had already been sent

One Morning at the break a day little Mary saw the harbor on the horizont
She woke the captain and the crew, they cussed their sleep and wiped it from their eyes
We´re finally here they celebrate but it didn´t last too long
Them hungry eyes upon the shore .Oh something has go wrong
Sydney you´re so bittersweet. I´ll miss you when i´m gone

That hunger turned to raging when the men they saw what the King had sent them
No crops or linens , nor a drop of water from the river Thames
Some men they went back to work and others gave a sigh
Some still took them women down . Little Mary cried
Sydney you´re the fire raging in a lover´s eyes

It took a year or two before them men and women finally settled in
2 by 2 they took their land and left their prison chains rusting thin
Haunted by the villains of a life they left behind
The frontier of a country , spreading out so wide
Sydney you´re a savior to a child running wild
Sydney you´re a savior to a child running wild
Sydney you´re a mother to a child running wild