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Every Saturday Night
A. Collins

Every Saturday night y'all -- bout sundown
Country people on wagons
They be coming from miles around
They drinking corn liquor from a mason fruit jar
And old man play pluckin pluckin that bass string guitar

Good old catfish and homemade boo
I got me some butter beans and chitlins too
Every Saturday night

Every Staurday night I get in my sin
And as long as I'm able
I'm gonna do the same thing again
My head gets so bad it's a -- doggone shame
I be so tore down -- I don't even know my name


Monday morning is the day I plow
And then Tuesday I gotta milk the cow
Wednesday I have to walk the dog
Then Thursday gotta slop the hog
Friday - good Friday
When my work is done, I realize
I've got one more night before Saturday come