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Hey Mister
Betty Lapcevic

Listen Everybody, I got an Idea
I think we ought to write a letter to the congress of the United States and tell them whatís on our minds
Because weíre the richest country in the world and I just canít understand why we got so many hungry people
You know I believe we ought to say something like this

Hey Mister, You Better Listen
Oh Mister, You Better Listen
Mama Got to wash the rich folk clothes
Just to keep the rich man from throwing us out the doors

Papa look for work with the morning sun
But tell me, how can you find a job when there just ainít none
Hey legislation, If you can fix the nation
Why donít you open up your heart and listen to this part

A little child ask for bread with tears in his eyes
Mama say we ainít got none and then they both cry
Donít you hear em I said Donít you hear em Dammit Donít you hear them

The World need love I know you admit it
What you doin to the poor man, lord knows you oughta quit it
How can he love you
Tell me how can he smile

When back at home thereís a hungry little child
Hey Legislation why donít you try a new route
Listen to the people and hear what theyíre talking bout

The Poor people know that they canít impeach you
They just hoping that their cries will reach you
Donít you hear em I said Donít you hear em
Well then I feel sorry for you if you donít Donít you hear them
Many singers before me
Have sung this song
Trying to remind you to right this wrong
But what Iím wondering
If you ever understand
That rich or poor a manís still a man

Hey legislation, when you start to fix the nation
Take a real good look at the present administration...and then

Stand up, wave it goodbye
Find someone who can hear the people cry
Lord knows you ought to hear them, I ainít lying you better hear them, you better hear them something might go wrong

Hey Mister what you gonna do
People out here are trying to talk to you
You know we need help and we ainít gonna wait
No donít talk, get to doin before itís too late
Foreign aid is well and good
But why donít you give some of that money to the neighborhood
Canít keep living down here in mud
And I know youíre sick and tired of looking at blood
Oh Mister, you better listen, Oh Mister, you better listen