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Trouble came early
Written by Gordy Quist and Owen Temple

The only speakeasy is a hard neighborhood
She said, "Hanging 'round there, I know you're up to no good."
Singles and doubles, seven years aged
A rich man's playground, a working man's cage
What's so wrong with just one or two?
It's been a long day, I'm coming back home to you

Trouble came early
Trouble stayed late

I gotta good hearted woman, but she's ready to split
I know that she loves me but she's tired of my shit
I try so hard, just to slow down
But it's too little too late, she's through waiting around
I came home right on cue
She was packing my bags, I had nothing left to lose

Trouble came early
Trouble stayed late

I woke up faded in a hammerhead spin
I can't remember, did I fall, did I sin?
Some call it justice, others blackmail
It's the hair of the dog that keeps chasing his tail
The cost so high to live so low
I lost it all and now all I really know is

Trouble came early
Trouble stayed late