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Free Again

There’s a whole big brown bubbling mess in The Gulf of Mexico
Showing up on people’s steps and there ain’t no place it can go
A lot of the busy people talking about the state that we are in
How can you drill to the bottom of the ocean and still call the fishies your friend?

But we are free again, Baby we're free again
To turn off our mind, just unwind and let them put it back together again

Some of us just got lazy, some of us just got numb
Some of the world’s most well known people are happy just sucking their thumb
That same old thumb that once was a part of making us pure and true
Has rotted off like the spot on a leper and left us all black and blue

But we are free again, Baby we’re free again
To spend our money on a Chinese doll that’s been laced with poison
Say we’re free again, free again
To make no bid deals, ship our freight and laugh while we disintegrate
Just to put it back together again

Big Spill, Big Ocean
Probably clean itself anyhow
Big Lies, Big Suspicion
The Gulf coast water’s our vacationland
Bring the family enjoy the sand

If we watch television we can make it all go away
Flip the channel, turn the dial, watch tomorrow going on today
We go sinking further down in the mess that we have made
Just asking for forgiveness cause we all know that Jesus saves

We’re free again, Baby we're free again
To tell your neighbor your own savior is the best there’s ever been

We’re free again, Baby we're free again
To sail our yachts, fire out shots, laugh a lot, but not smoke pot
Dibble dabble doodle dangle hokus pokus it’s a scandal
Won’t you watch while we all ramble off to pay the highest vandal
Put it back together again
Just to put it back together again
Want to put it back together again