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Medicine Man

Across the land, I知 spoken of
Wise as a snake, tame as a dove
Just like a wolf in sheep痴 clothes
Shake the dust off, before I go

I知 your medicine man
I知 your medicine man

I walk the land never seen before
I知 on a mission, conquistador
I値l be your slave, I値l be your king
I値l be what you want, be your everything


Got juju beads and a mojo drum
Gotta a whole lot more, where that come from
I値l make a sign, I値l cross your head
Make you shake and dance, Gonna raise the dead


I値l take your pulse, I値l fix your health
Give what you need, to save yourself
Might lose your house, might lose your home
But I値l give you back more than you have known
Put you in the black, gonna shake your bones
Your healer, your dealer, your only one