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King of Colorado

I don't want to be the King of Colorado
I just want a place to lay my head
I will lay down somewhere beside you
And that is the first and last thing we said
Spent seven summers, seven thousand miles between us
I could forget or remember your name
Frozen in winter when spring comes upon us
Time to go and thaw out this old thing again
I've had a couple of years
But a couple more fears to chase away
You left me this burden and I've done all the hurtin'
That I'm gonna do anyway

Your kisses are sweet and gold like honey
Your lips are like wine on a summer Thursday
Your presence is sure of sunlight upon you
I would have lied just to keep them away

Spent most my time down in Jasper County
And I cannot say I remember it plain
Mornings in whiskey and evenings in comfort
Days shot like needles going straight in my veins
I've had a couple of pleasures
But they've taken my treasures away
And there ain't enough islands
Where I can be hidin anyway


I'd like to lie with you in my grave
I'd like to die with you in my grave