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Unsleeping Eye

Sleep donít overtake me here
Donít run me down like this
I got miles before they gonna lay me down
I ainít ready yet, no I ainít there yet
Quaalude Highway hypnotizing the lines across my face
One more sign before my mind begins hallucinating
Canít stay awake
Give me something strong and let the night roll on to day

Unsleeping eye, donít you fail me now
Crack a window wide and put your right foot down
Daydream through the night
But keep them wheels a spinning round and round
Unsleeping eye, say donít you fail me now

Thereís a girl at home she waiting up Ďtil dawn
Lord she could use some sleep
I flash my brights and I dim my lights
I sink down a little deeper into my seat
Just to get back home this old rolling stone
Gone a thousand miles a night
Grant me speed and eyes to see my lonely girl tonight
Sheís so outta sight
Lord donít make me sleep like a refugee it ainít right


Blacktop asphalt grooving past all the rhythm in the lines
Iím locked down deep into the pocket, the sunrise keeping my time
All I ask is a tank of gas and a cup of coffee strong
Highway moon gonna keep me moving, Iím driving all night long