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L.A. County Blues

I was never one for compromise
I couldnít fit at school
Gonzo by the seventh grade
I played them all the fool
I couldnít find shoes my size, had to walk ten miles
Blisters on the backs of my soul and an illegal smile

Theyíre burning down Las Vegas Town, had to sleep by noon
Drank my money on a red roulette thatísí a ride you canít refuse
Five hours down with a sunrise frown, lightning in your shoes
Itís one foot in the ether with the LA County blues

They got me on accessory
Thirty days in jail
One headlight in a Louisville night
Without a chance at bail
But Iíll be home by derby time
So please save me a seat
Mint Juleps on the outfield grass
The old south tastes so sweet


Well you can call me Mr. Raoul Duke
Iíll know what you mean
Blinded by a quart of rum
And a dose of mescaline
The Mint 400 didnít slow me down
I kinda like the speed
The failure of our generation
For a couple bags of weed.