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Stop drop and roll

Time stands still like it may never move again
So there is time to ponder this question
If you could do you think you ever would
Know what it feels like to be over there?
Would you be a stranger and feel all-alone?
The lights are on but there ain't no one at home
Or would you smile down on everyone that you meet
Pick it right up like you didn't miss a beat

Time to stop drop and roll
Oh don't it get you from your head down to your toes
Time to stop drop and roll
Oh don't it get you deep down in your soul
The greatest surprise is right before your eyes
So go on out there and take it
Time's a wasting so get on outside
What are you waiting for?
You are a child just for today
But tomorrow you look and your hair's turning gray
Just one thing left for you to do
Get on out and shake out the blues