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I can see your face in the light of the dawn
But I look for you and find you're gone
You're free again
And I'm left waiting
Let myself inside and pour a cup
And hope that someday you show up
And rest again
In my arms

Well there's all this space, but there's no resting place
For me to lay down.

I'll see you in Philadelphia
I'll see you now in Philadelphia
She said that I'll see you down in Philadelphia
On a letter she wrote, the day she went away

There's no gas in my car, no it don't start
My tires are flat and there's holes in my heart
But I'll keep on keep on trying
I know that I am free to go
But these old chains they don't let go
They've got me down on my knees

Said there's all this space, there ain't no resting place
For me to lay down