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Love me till the sunshines

Said I almost cut my hair
Just to keep you here with me
Soon so soon I figured out
That ain't where I want to be
But I remember you'd come running home
Begging to take me down
Smile baby in a happy face
And forget all about your frown
I don't know where things went wrong
But baby they've got to change
Said I got no place to belong
Been left naked out in the rain

Will you still love me till the sunshines?
Will you still love me till the sunshines?
Will you still love me till the sunshines?
I don't know, baby I don't know

I almost said that I loved you first
But that would have been a lie
It's not that I don't mean it
Just that you never did want to try
To bring a love back on home to me
Hold me down in your arms
And cover me cover me baby
Keep me safe from harm
Now I know why things went wrong
And they'll never change
Now I've got somewhere to belong
I've been lifted said I'm a king