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Diamonds, Dogs And Shooting Stars

What if IŽm a diamond stone, buried in a mountains tomb
Waiting on a minerŽs light to shine
Just take me from this darkened place and wipe the coal from off my face
I been here for an awful long time

Weathered by the pressure all around me
Waiting on time to take her course
Someday IŽll be a necklace or an earring
And IŽll turn your head when I come through the door
I just take my time and wait for something more

Sometimes IŽm just an old stray dog, walking down a country road
Looking for a place to lay my head
Take me back to your place babe IŽll kiss the sweat from your face
And be the best friend you never had

But IŽm old and gray and timeŽs no stranger to me
I donŽt know if IŽll be here in the morning
I donŽt fetch or swim and I ainŽt no bird dog running
But IŽll turn my head when you come through the door
And IŽll curse the dust and wait for something more

What if IŽm a shooting star, burning bright but just too far
Out of sight for anyone to see me
Just waiting for my turn to shine when time and space and stars align
Hope the sun donŽt set into the sea

DonŽt stare to long , just make a wish upon me
IŽll carry all your dreams across the world
I canŽt promise much but IŽll let you down so gently
And IŽll turn your head and open one more door
IŽll just count my stars and wait for something more

I think IŽm just a lonesome soul wondering what i am before
I get to old to do too much about it
I think I need just a little time, but not to much or IŽll be dying
And IŽll be gone before you ever notice

Diamonds make good rings and shiny earrings
A dog will love you Žtil he breath no more
Shooting stars will take you on a journey
And time will rust the hinges on your door
Sometimes i wonder if thereŽs something more