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I once knew a lover named Irene
A gypsy to the soles of her feet
I met her in the plaza of the sun
She loved to run more than she loved me

Now shes gone forever one
Shes here and there and back again
A river on the run

She always said that she could never stay
Where shed go to she would never say
Sometimes Id swear that she was just a dream
Then Id find her lipstick on a glass and smash it all away

Oh sweet Irene dont spread your wings
Here and there and back again
A ghost upon a dream

Some said stay away from my Irene
Others said she was a gypsy queen
She had seven precious stones upon her hand
As for lovers she had six or seventeen

Shes off again with another man
Shes here and there and back again
A bird across the land

Its been a year or two since I have seen
the seven precious stones of sweet Irene
If you see her your best turn away
Shell haunt you wide awaken and in your sleep

But she wont stay too very late
Shes here and there and back again
Shell back again someday

Shes here and there and back again
And shell return again someday