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Six Feet Down

Six feet down, lookin up to you
Casket Walls are gonna break my fall in love with you
Ashes on the ground, they finally fell away
Cigarette tip hanging from your lips keep you warm
all day

Falling in love again, I just keep sinking in
Buried alive all day, I can't walk away

Those eyes of blue, they turn to gray
Coming storm can't keep me warm, I can't walk away
This old bed, it was meant for two
It's just what I need to rest in peace and grow cold
with you

Dreaming in shades of blue, I carry a load for two
Somebody help me up, I've fallen in love

Two long years run down my face
I try to fly, but you always dry those tears away
Until the rain comes down again
I break the fall, I can't break these walls she's
boxed me in

She wants me to put a stone on her hand
It shines like a crystal ball as she calls the dead
Hear that trumpet call, it's near the end
So just roll away that stone an I'll rise again

Dreaming in shades of blue, I carry a load for two
Somebody help me up