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Same Walls

Livin' out of my backseat nothing but a look to rest my head
Livin' off of the sunrise, try to remember the words I've read
Don't Feel no shame about nothing, I don't feel a thing at all
I'll be coming home round the time when home starts to call

My hands are tied to the wheel, and the pedal's about to fall
It's just the way I feel, my heart is bound here after all
The road knows my name, and as I pass her by she calls
Every town here looks the same
every heart has the same walls

Last time that I saw you, your eyes they were burning red
I tried to put out the fire, but you said that the flame was dead
So I left and didn't say nothing about the places that I'd go
With this book of songs and this old guitar, I can make the road my home


It's a small world after all, that keeps turning me over
Trying hard to stop my car, and take a look back over my shoulder

Sometimes I find myself in a town that I've been before
See a face that I once knew and her jaw just hits the floor
So I wave and just keep driving cause I've got the world to roam
Does she remember the words she never said when she made the road my home