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Jenny was a Keeper

I picked up Jenny on highway 10
Down around San Antone
Jenny was a pick-a-day runaway
Travelin all alone
She stole her daddy’s Cadillac
Drove it ‘till the tank ran dry
Gave it to a man in a broken down van
For a sweater and some camel lights

That when I knew
Jenny was a keeper
Jenny was all right

I pulled into that Texaco
I was runnin low on gas
She hopped up on the shotgun side
She didn’t even ask
Said she was headin out to holly wood
and I was goin south
but I turned that truck around, pointed at the big town
and put the hammer down

Cause I knew
Jenny was a keeper
Jenny was all right

Jenny’s daddy had some money
But he never gave her none
Jenny had sticky fingers
So Jenny just learned to run

Jenny left me standin’
Outside Santa Fe
I heard she made the big time
When she made LA
Thank God she threw my guitar out
Before she drove away
But she stole my heart, stole my truck
And I didn’t even get laid

But I knew
Jenny was a keeper
Jenny was all right

Jenny was a keeper all right
She kept my truck, she kept my hat
And that green chili turkey sandwich up on the dashboard that bitch

This is the oldest song on the record. I wrote it in New Mexico when I was thinking of moving to Texas. Has it’s roots in a song I learned to play as a kid called the Runaway by Jed Strunck. Could still happen in real life, you never know…hopin’ not.