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Water in the Sky

Didnít wanna leave
Didnít wanna say goodbye
Didnít wanna have another mote in my eye

I wanna scream
I wanna cry
And I wanna pull this thorn out of my side

The riverís dry
The riverís bent
And I donít know where all the water went

I can live
I can die
And I can be just a dust devil in the sky

But the river finds itís way all on its own
You canít tell it where to go
Not with hammer or with bone
I do not sit in judgment
Donít even wonder why
Cause if the river runs dry
Thereís just more water in the sky

This song has had a resurrecting effect on my life as a songwriter and a singer. I had not written more than 2 songs (Cornbread and Wheels on the ground) in the last 3 years and was beginning to wonder where my muse had gone. One morning I got up and wrote Heavy Load and thought, ďwell, maybe I can write another oneĒ so I turned the page and wrote another one...