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This I Know

Rolling down hill just as fast as you can
Trying to get away from the people and places you know
You know

Broken down flat but you're wild and free
Flow like a river rolling into the sea and you grow
You grow

I'm not hypnotized, or even surprised, by the way things always been
And a long, long time, of me being fine, to put it back together again

This I know
This I know
This I know

Running in circles chasing your tail
Burning down churches waiting for the rain to come
To come

Looking for room but the walls closing in
Opening doors just to get out again, and it shows
It shows

Choking and smoking on all of the air that you've been trying to breath
Putting out flames with the storm of your name, gonna get it back together again


Trying to get yourself up from the bottom
Of the hole that you dug in, of the hole that you dug in