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Wilson and Otis

Babe you know I miss you so bad
Might be the best thing that I ever had
And I would really appreciate you coming round
But if you ain't got the time I hope you're still doing fine
We're gonna meet some day in heaven with the help of god
Baby I had some plans for you
But it seemed you had more important things to do
So I hope you will enjoy them in the meantime

If you're ever feeling blue
All you ever got to do
Is pick up the telephone and call on me
Dial up 634-5789
Ride myself home on engine number nine
I love you I love you I love you
Baby I love you

Wanna hold you down in my arms
Keep you safe from harm
Know if I turn you loose
There's gonna be a pain deep down in my heart
Why don't you try a little tenderness
Woman you know I've got to confess
If you leave me like that I'm gonna curl up in a ball and die
Why don't you give me just one more day
I'm pretty sure you're gonna say
Boy I love you so much
I couldn't leave you if I tried