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A thunderstorm shook my bed
And I thought of all the things you said
Earthquake shook the ground
Like it never did with you around
The Moon’s covered up by clouds
Ashamed to show his face
Tides move like they rarely do
Things all out of place

I’m looking for signs
Seeking the stars
Watching the planets move
Wondering where you are
Looking for signs for all to see
Heaven and earth want you with me
Heads you lose, tails I win
Magic eight ball said “try again”

Pulling petals off a rose
The fortune teller said “who knows”
I threw hundred cash down a wishing well
Listening for a tolling bell
Raising hands, shaking bones
Someone like you shouldn’t be alone


Played five card draw with a tarot deck
I beat Death at every deal
Lovers and the Fool reversed
All to change the way you feel
The lion laid down with the sheep
Hawk cooing like a dove
Unnatural things beyond belief
Telling you to fall in love