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I like my cornbread in the morning rising
I like my cornbread when it's nice and fresh
I like my cornbread with a little bit of butter
Sticky fingers when it gets so wet
Hey mama don't you make a poor man beg
Hey mama don't you hear what I say
I need your cornbread every day

I like to eat my cornbread in the kitchen
I like to eat it on the back porch swing
I like my cornbread in the middle of the Winter
I like a little extra cornbread in the spring

In the morning when I've got a hundred miles to go
I eat my baby's cornbread real slow
When it's cold and I'm out on the road
My baby's cornbread makes me want to come home

I keep my baby's recipe a secret
Ain't had no cornbread like this before
Sometimes that cornbread gets sticky
But sticky's good in my book I think I'll have some more


I like to watch my baby making cornbread
I like to watch her fingers in the dough
Sometimes that cornbread cooks quickly
Sometimes it cooks slow